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Fire Good.

Custom made, 100% natural 

 fire log in a box

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OUR MISSION is to produce an environmentally conscious and affordable  alternative fuel source made from only recycled, natural materials while helping to conserve natural resources for future generations and the health of our planet.

BOX O' HEAT is a fire log made from 100% natural and recycled materials. Not only is it sugar and gluten free, but it is accelerant and chemical free as well. 

BOX O' HEAT emits no toxic fumes, creosote or foul odors.  But, that doesn’t mean it tastes good!  The logs are quick starting and do not require any form of kindling, and produce a hot and steady flame for two to four hours without the need for poking or tending. AND you will not smell like a campfire afterwards!

While there are few things worse than being cold, some might argue that it is far worse to be on fire. So we must insist that you not light the BOX O' HEAT in your bed, on your bed or on anyone's bed (that includes your ex's). As a matter of fact, you should ONLY light the BOX O' HEAT in a fireplace, wood stove or outdoor fire pit. Three cheers for people with common sense!  

Time and integrity is the value of a Box O' Heat fire log. The process takes about one year.  Gathering hundreds of pounds of wet coffee grounds throughout the winter and the timely cultivation of drying them scrupulously through the summer is a necessary time gobbler, yet cathartic, like playing in the dirt. There is a reason coffee is harvested in South America and Africa. The grounds, like the beans, seem to only dry effectively by turning them in the hot sun.  However this is only the first step in dozens more to create the perfect handmade fire log.  AND then there is the unique packaging, which is an integral part of fire science, not to mention the one of a kind  personalized humor and stenciling.  Oh but wait, there is more.... the tearing and adhering of labels, stamping boxes, cutting, tying the hemp and jute, measuring and heating the ideal mixture of organic soy wax  and repurposed natural ingredients  to create  the perfect clean burn. 

 We provide disturbingly outstanding customer service and product Integrity.   




* Coffee grounds 

* Pine needles 

* Organic Soy wax 

* Ground citrus peels

* Mulched yard waste 

*Beeswax  coated hemp, cotton,  and jute 

*Repurposed, kiln dried  wood shavings

* Recycled paper - unbleached coffee filters, uncoated paper 

* May contain remnants of peanut and tree nut shells 

Remember, it is NOT for human or animal consumption, or for use inside an automobile. Nor should it be used as a bed warmer, Molotov cocktail, bird house or step stool


Fire Good.



Place the entire BOX O' HEAT inside a fireplace, woodstove, fire pit or chiminea - no need to unpack or open the box! Light the  hemp string on the bottom of the box and within about 5 minutes, the entire box and log inside will be lit. Relax and enjoy 2-4hrs of serious heat.

Handmade in the USA with grassroots integrity. We're not big business, so we have no money, no assets, and a heaping pile of student loans. There is no benefit in suing if you choose to do something foolish with the BOX O' HEAT.  

 I  personally give you a 100% guarantee that  you will love your BoxOHeat!

Nicole Wiedig- your inventor, artist, thinker,  inspirationalist


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